Monday, October 5, 2015

Germany Week 68

Dear mummzy,

Um, no. That put quite the damper on the week. D2 emailed us on Tuesday and said that he didn't want to meet anymore. We were able to get him to agree to come to the sisters's English Class and talk to us one more time, but he said that was it, though he wants to come to the English Class every week, so we'll at least have some contact with him.

Then there was General Conference, which was, of course, epic. I have no idea what you're talking about with this ponderizing thing, presumably because it was in the Sunday Afternoon Session, which I still haven't seen. But as we were watching the Sunday Morning Session last night at our GML's house our GML was on the verge of tears because he got a shout out in it. You see Elder Rasband was his mission president, so he was a little emotional about the whole experience and then when Elder Rasband talked about all of the missionaries that served under him it was crazy. Good stuff.

Love you more!!!

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