Monday, October 12, 2015

Germany Week 69

My dear mum,

This week was, well, a week. Stuff happened. Yup, well Tschüß!

Okay, what actually happened this week... We did end up being able to watch the last session of conference. That was awesome. We watched it for Sunday School bzw Priesthood bzw Relief Society, which was great. It was funny because we did it right after Testimony meeting, in which a lot of people bore testimony about the prophets and General Conference. In fact one of the members of the bishopric bore his testimony about it twice. The second time he got up he acknowledged that it was weird, but he needed to correct something because in his first testimony he told a story about one of the apostles who had passed away and said it was Elder Hales, but it was actually Elder Scott.

After church we went and talked to some random people on the streets and then we went home to study. That's when one of the families in the ward called us and asked if we could come over, so we did. You see, they have a son with Down syndrome and he was very insistent that we come visit him Sunday so his parents said they would call us when they figured out when we could come this week and it ended up being yesterday. Woot.

Have a nice life!

Love you more!
Elder Cloward

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