Monday, October 19, 2015

Germany Week 70

The District at a cool abandoned castle in Oppenheim last week.
Dear Mom,

Well, I feel like a lot happened this week, but nothing really that noteworthy. We did end up doing service in a lot of people's gardens. Well, just two, and today was more of a party than real service. Oh, by the way, that's why this is coming later than usual. In order to pick apples with everyone we had to switch it with the time we usually do emails, so I'm writing this a bit late later than usual. Also the internet isn't being very nice so I'll probably send it and then it will actually send when my iPad connects with the Internet again. Hopefully that's soon and not on Thursday.

Anyway, it's way exciting because we went and helped the H family today at their farm and her son, S, just moved in with them from Duisburg, so I already know him. It's great. Let's see. What else happened... We met with the Baakes and Aaron showed me pictures from his mission, aka pictures of Jacob. Aaron's brother Thorston gave us a referral. Hopefully we'll actually be able to meet with him sometime this week. We talked to lots of people on the streets and stuff. Zone Training happened. That was fun. Um... Yep. There was some other stuff, but I'm pretty sure it was boring, so I think that will reich me for the week.

The Apple Picking Crew.

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