Monday, November 30, 2015

Germany Week 76

Dear Mummzy,

This week was pretty normal, though it's starting to pick up. The Jarrard's Thanksgiving feast was delicious, though the pies and the stuffing, and pretty much everything wasn't as good as at home, but it was still delicious, so that's good.

On Saturday we had a special Musikalische Darbietung, "Music and the Spoken Word" where a bunch of the members sang some songs and the Bishop said some stuff in between. That was fun and we even got to sing a song with the Fugal Family, which Sister Fugal wrote herself, so that was awesome. Anyway, it was great to see how many people got invited to that and that led perfectly into Sunday where the new Christmas Initiative was presented. I hope you've seen the new video because it's awesome. You should share it with everyone.

Love you more!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Germany Week 75

This week was pretty good. Thanksgiving is not actually a holiday in Germany, but the GML and his family are American, so they do a giant Thanksgiving party every year. However, seeing as it's not a holiday here, so no one has it off and as next weekend is first Advent, they decided to do it last Saturday. They asked us to come help bake pies and set up and what not, and then we had Thanksgiving with them. There were so many people there. All together there some 60-70 people there. It was crazy. Also, the Jarrards are having Thanksgiving on Thursday for institute and we should have a guy there that we're working with, so we'll probably go to that.

Sunday was the primary program and that was super adorable. It was nice to have one of those since last year I didn't. We then had a Geminde Essen after that, so that was two days in a row that we had way too much food. 'Twas great.

Oh also, so much happened in the last three days that I almost forgot, on Tuesday, Elder Ballard came to talk to all of the Geminderats in the Europe Area, and we got to go! That was way awesome. It included such goodies as "Lucifer is the father of all lies. We all know that and none of us like him." He also talked about how Satan is the master of complexity and how The Lord is the master of simplicity. Now that should give you something to think about, gel?

Well, Love you more!
Me making pies for Thanksgivin'

Monday, November 16, 2015

Germany week 74

Dear Mum,

Well, this week had seven days.... Um... We helped a lady in the ward pick apples and she gave us most of them, so we have way too many apples that we have no idea what to do with. The only thing Elder Frickey and I know how to make is apple crisp and that only takes about five apples and considering we probably have a good hundred of so, that doesn't really do anything. So if you have any good ideas with what do do with too many apples, we'd love to hear them.

We also had district meeting this week, as we do every week and we did some role plays. We did them with the Jarrards (the Ehepaar in Mainz) and when Elder Frickey did it with Sister Jarrard she was so shocked that we could be serious because we're always joking in District Meeting, but it turns out we can be serious when we're talking about the gospel, so that was amusing.

Am Sonntag in church D, the newest member of Mainz Ward, gave her first talk in Sacrament Meeting. It was awesome. She talked about her conversion story and it was super spiritual. She's a great member.

Love you more!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Germany Week 73

Dear Mum,

My week was pretty good. We had Stake Conference, which was awesome. On Saturday evening for the adult session they had a missionary choir for basically a prelude. We sang that one EFY medley thingy with Will Bring The World His Truth and As Sisters in Zion. I have to say, I think it was a good way to start the meeting. The rest of the meeting was also wonderful as was the next day.

Also this week we had one of them weird blessing thingys. We were talking to people on the streets near our house and fairly soon before we had to go home we talked to a random guy. It was interesting talking to Elder Frickey afterwards because as it turns out we both felt like it was very led by the spirit because I was blanking hard core, but Elder Frickey was talking, and then he started blanking and suddenly I knew exactly what I was supposed to say. But here's where the weird part comes in, while he did talk to us, he said he'd rather not meet with us, gave us no way to contact him, and wouldn't even take The Book of Mormon we offered. I guess we just have to assume there was a reason that inspired conversation happened that we couldn't see, but The Lord knoweth all things, so that's fine by me.

Love you more!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Germany Week 72

My dearest Mummzy,

Well, most of Germany doesn't really celebrate Halloween, though it is getting bigger. Here in Mainz however, one of the three pillars of Karneval, the people here realize that it's just Karneval with a spookier twist, so it's a richtig party. We stopped by a store real quick on Saturday and two parts of it were full, the cash registers and the alcohol aisle. Oh Mainz. Also the appointment we had fell through because the guy remembered he needed to take his kids trick or treating. But, he said we can meet this week, so hopefully that works out. Schauen wir mal.

The rest of the week I feel was a testament to my saying that the harder I try, the more people say no. And then a random person walks up to me and asks me for a Book of Mormon. We did a lot of talking to people this week, and then on Saturday our appointment fell through so suddenly we had nothing to do. So we decided to go to Bad Kreuznach and work a bit in every stop along the way. We talked to a lot of people, some nice, some not, but no one actually interested enough to let us in or invite us back. It was a long day, but at the end, when we were already home the Elders in Wiesbaden called us and said they had a number for us for someone who actually lives in our area. Then on Sunday the Darmstadt elders did the same thing. Crazy crazy. We haven't gotten a hold of those people yet, so we'll see what happens, but still crazy.