Monday, November 23, 2015

Germany Week 75

This week was pretty good. Thanksgiving is not actually a holiday in Germany, but the GML and his family are American, so they do a giant Thanksgiving party every year. However, seeing as it's not a holiday here, so no one has it off and as next weekend is first Advent, they decided to do it last Saturday. They asked us to come help bake pies and set up and what not, and then we had Thanksgiving with them. There were so many people there. All together there some 60-70 people there. It was crazy. Also, the Jarrards are having Thanksgiving on Thursday for institute and we should have a guy there that we're working with, so we'll probably go to that.

Sunday was the primary program and that was super adorable. It was nice to have one of those since last year I didn't. We then had a Geminde Essen after that, so that was two days in a row that we had way too much food. 'Twas great.

Oh also, so much happened in the last three days that I almost forgot, on Tuesday, Elder Ballard came to talk to all of the Geminderats in the Europe Area, and we got to go! That was way awesome. It included such goodies as "Lucifer is the father of all lies. We all know that and none of us like him." He also talked about how Satan is the master of complexity and how The Lord is the master of simplicity. Now that should give you something to think about, gel?

Well, Love you more!
Me making pies for Thanksgivin'

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