Monday, November 30, 2015

Germany Week 76

Dear Mummzy,

This week was pretty normal, though it's starting to pick up. The Jarrard's Thanksgiving feast was delicious, though the pies and the stuffing, and pretty much everything wasn't as good as at home, but it was still delicious, so that's good.

On Saturday we had a special Musikalische Darbietung, "Music and the Spoken Word" where a bunch of the members sang some songs and the Bishop said some stuff in between. That was fun and we even got to sing a song with the Fugal Family, which Sister Fugal wrote herself, so that was awesome. Anyway, it was great to see how many people got invited to that and that led perfectly into Sunday where the new Christmas Initiative was presented. I hope you've seen the new video because it's awesome. You should share it with everyone.

Love you more!

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