Monday, December 7, 2015

Germany Week 77

Dear Mom, You're only setting up Christmas decorations now? I mean I know that it's the first Monday in December, but the first Advent was last Sunday! Weihnachtsmarkts have been open for over a week! Which as we all know, obviously means that Christmas is upon us.

We also know that Christmas is upon us because we had our Gemeinde Weihnachtsfeier on Saturday. That was great. They asked us missionaries to sing a few traditional English Christmas songs. Everyone loved it and we had Aaron film it for us, but I'm pretty sure the video is way too big to send over email, so you'll just have to wait five or so months to see it. I'm flat anyway, but it was still way fun. Bishop also did the story of Christmas from the Bible, but he randomly asked people to come up and act it out. It was beautiful.

Saturday was also transfer calls, but they did it a little differently this time, so instead of having one conference call and getting it over with they decided to call everyone individually. That made life very stressful because we were expecting me to get transferred because Elder Frickey and I have been together for three transfers now, but we had no idea when they were going to call. Well as it turns out, they never called, so we're probably staying together, but we still feel uncertain about it because we've had nothing to confirm that. So much stress.

Anyway, that's my life. Hope you have a great one this week.

Love you more!!!

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