Monday, December 21, 2015

Germany Week 79

Dear Mom,

It's almost Christmas!!! Anyway, I'll hopefully be able to log onto Skype and talk to you then.

As for snow, it appears that Germany doesn't believe in snow. I'm pretty sure the entire time I've been here it's only snowed three or four times, and that was while I was in Bamberg. Right now it's actually pretty warm. It's currently 11C and the low is supposed to be 8C, and it's been almost this warm the entire week. Almost the entire month.

Anyway, my week was pretty good. The last bit of it a lot of the time was spent helping the Ward move the Fugals' to their new house. That was a party. But we got it all done and they now live in a nice little house instead of an apartment. We also had Zone Conference this week. Elder Johnson, who's in the Area Presidency came and that was way cool. We talked about a lot of things, but probably what I found the most important was just about how we need to be more like Christ, and how we can do that.

Well, see you Friday!
Love you more!

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