Monday, January 25, 2016

Germany Week 84

Dear Mummzypoo,

My week was pretty good. Bonn is super awesome, though it's a little weird because we live in Euskirchen right now, which means that we have to travel an hour or so everyday in both directions to get to our actual area and back. But next transfer we should be actually moving to Bonn and then the other elders will keep working in Euskirchen. It's pretty crazy though, because just recently they made the official splitness between the Bonn ward and the Group in Euskirchen. (They're hoping to make that into an actual Branch soon and then it will be even crazier because currently all of the ward leaders are in both groups.) But, yeah, Bonn is super great and miracles are happening here, so I'm excited.

My new companion's name is Elder Coombs. He's from South Weber, which breaks my streak of having companions not from Utah. Elder Frickey is indeed still in Mainz and almost assuredly will be until he goes home. Anyway, Elder Coombs has been in Bonn for awhile and has been on his mission for a little under 18 months so this could very possibly be the only transfer I serve with him. Schauen wir mal.

So anyway, yes, Elder Newman called sometime this week and officially made it so I will be going home in June. I haven't actually gotten my visa extended, but that should hopefully be happening this week and if not then the week after. It sounds like the Ausländer Büro here in Euskirchen is fairly reasonable, so it should be good. Aber, na ja, that should be what's going down, so I should be home in June. In related news, I'm pretty sure that means I broke the system and should be having five times to call home, but that last one will be way weird because I'll basically be home for it.

Love you more!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Germany Week 83

Dear mum,

My week was pretty good. I found I'm getting transferred to Bonn, or more specifically Euskirchen, but I've been told that soon after I get there they'll probably move us to Bonn and the other elders that live there will be still in charge of Euskirchen. That could make the whole situation with getting my Visa extended even more complicated since I'll be moving twice within the next few weeks. We'll see how that goes.

As for the rest of my week, it was pretty good. We had a lesson planned with R, that less active, but it fell through, but he was able to make it to church, so that's totally okay. Our appointment with H, that investigator from the sisters, also fell through, but we are out another appointment, so hopefully that will work out too. On Friday we had an appointment with another investigator, K, and we thought it might be our last because he hasn't been doing much, so it was kind of a make it or break it lesson. It ended up being the most spiritual lesson I've ever had with him and he now seems like he really understands why we're there and what he needs to do, and he seems to want to do it. I'm excited for him. I'm going to miss this city, but Bonn should be great too.

Also, that was my week. Love you more!!! Isaac

Monday, January 11, 2016

Germany Week 82

Dear Mom,

Anyway, this could be awkward, because I'm currently trying to extend my visa, and if I do I'll be going home six weeks after that, but if not then I'll be coming home on the 14th. The problem is I now have an appointment to get that done, but it's for the sixteenth of February, which might be too late, and as transfers are this week it's very possible I won't be in Mainz when that appointment comes along. So we'll see what happens with all of that on Saturday. I should know for sure what's happening fairly soon though.

This week was pretty good though. Probably the best moments were on the weekend. On Saturday we met with a less active and at the end after Elder Frickey and I bore our testimonies he asked if he could bear his too. Well of course we let him and it was very simple, but very powerful. 'Twas awesome. Then on Sunday after church we decided to go by on a potential the sisters gave us the other day and what do you know, he was home. What's more he let us right in and after we talked to him a bit about The Book of Mormon we were able to make out another appointment.

Well, that was the highlights of my week.

Love you more!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Germany Week 81

Sup, mum?

Well, this week was a week. Specifically the new year! The 31st was crazy, as to be expected. At midnight the people in the street right in front of us light off so many fireworks that about a minute into it we couldn't see anything the smoke wegen.(because of the smoke)

Apart from that, the week was fairly uninteresting. I can't really think of anything else that happened, though I found out I will probably coming home on June 2 instead of the 14th of April. I'll probably actually find out for sure in not too long. In fact you might know before me because they're better at sending the parents the flight itinerary than they are the missionaries. So there you go.

Love you more!
Frohes Neues!