Monday, April 27, 2015

Germany Week 45

This week was pretty crazy, mostly because Friday was spent going to, partying in and coming back from Frankfurt where we got to sit and listen to Elder Bednar for about six hours. It was amazing, but it was kind of a long day because in order to get there on time we had to catch an ICE at 5:12 in the morning, so we had to get up even earlier. The actual conference was amazing and super duper spiritual. Let's see if I can remember anything especially cool without looking at my notes, which I left at home. Hmm... He told us we were super weird because we were a bunch of 20 odd year old sitting there on a Friday for six hours talking about how to use technology to spiritually uplift people's lives instead of whatever a normal 20 year old would be doing at that time. It was also way cool to just see how he taught. You see, he didn't just talk to us, in fact he really didn't talk all that much. Mostly he would say one or two things about it and then just ask for comments and what we were thinking. It was especially interesting because before we really started he made a clarifying declaration that he wasn't going to play a game of "Guess what's in my head" but that he actually wanted to know what we were thinking, and not just get us to say the answer that he was already thinking. It was way great, but I'll just leave it at that because there was way too much to even scratch the surface of what he said.

As for the peeps, M and K still seem to be doing pretty well, they've still got things to figure out, just like everyone, but they still seem to want to know, and that's what matters. As for the random guy, I have no idea what happened to him, he lives in Wesel's area after all. But last week because of some crazy Verspätungen we were waiting for the Zone Leaders so we could split with them at Bahnhof when a 20 or so year old kid walked up and asked us if we were Jehovah's Witnesses, and we said no and then he asked us if we were Mormon. At that point we were pretty impressed and then he started asking us more questions, took a copy of The Book of Mormon and agreed to meet with us later that week. On the Scheduled day we waited for him at the Church, and he called us to say he couldn't come. I was just happy that he had called us. What's more, he actually came to church on Sunday, listened to a lesson afterwards and agreed to meet again this week. Should be epic.

Well, those are definitely the highlights of the week.
Have a great one!

Love you more!!!
Elder Cloward

Monday, April 20, 2015

Germany Week 44

Hey Mom! Sounds like you still are having some pretty crazy weeks even though you're moved in now. (Ish) And what the snow? It's been getting pretty hot here lately. I was on split this week and we had to walk around the whole day in the blazing heat. It was about 25 degrees that day. Crazy. Speaking of that split, that made the rest of the week way more exciting because on it Elder Bean lost his wallet, so we spent a lot of our time the rest of the week trying to deal with that.

As for K, we haven't actually been able to meet with him because we had to move our appointment from last week to today. He did come to church again though, and he seemed to really enjoy it. We watched the last session of conference and he seemed pretty interested in all of it. There was also some random guy who showed up yesterday because he's interested in religion and specifically our church. He arrived a half hour early and talked to us the whole time, stayed for the whole meeting and then spent another hour and a half or so talking to the bishop about all the questions he had. It was pretty crazy and I hope he got a lot out of it and felt the spirit. As for other people I'm actually teaching, there's a guy whose name is M. He referred himself and actually already received all of the lessons in Russia, but had to move just before he could get baptized or something, so now he's here and he really wants to get baptized, so hopefully that will happen fairly soon. We have to teach him all of the lessons again to make sure he understands everything, but otherwise he's ready to go, he's already keeping all of the commandments and reads and prays and everything, so that's pretty cool.

Also, I can't think of anything else...except that you should all be jealous because I get to met Elder Bednar on Friday. Of course we learned this week that in order to get there on time we're going to have to catch an ICE at 5:12 in the morning, so we're going to be running on not too much sleep, but it should still be great.

Bis nächste Woche!

Love you more!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Germany Week 43

Dear Mum, I'm fairly certain I say this everytime, but it still throws me off that you moved. I was dinking around on last week and while I was there I saw that I could look at the Ward Diectory and so I looked at your new ward. It was weird. But they all looked nice, at least the people that had pictures on it.

As for General Conference, I've watched most of the last session, and I've watched Pres. Uchtdorf speaking in German about a bajillion times, but the internet at the church always freaks out toward the end, so I still have a few talks I haven't seen. They announced yesterday though that they're going to show it for church next week so that should be good.

The rest of my week was regular. I suppose the most interesting part started a few months ago now, when Elder Tolson (my former companion if you don't remember) contacted this guy named K on the bus. He seemed pretty interested and he said he would come to church. But he didn't. So we called him, multiple times to see if we could meet or something, but everytime he said he'd like to come to church first and never came. Then, we randomly ran into him on a Bahn and talked to him there and he still didn't come. We eventually kind of just gave up. Then, last week, the sisters where dooring a random house and what do you know they doored into K. What's more, he promised them he would come to church. And guess what, he came!!! It was way cool and he seemed to really enjoy it and afterwards he asked if we could meet sometime and teach him more, which we gladly accepted. Proof once more that God gives us miracles after all we can do, just usually not in the way we think.

Well, that's the only particularly awesome thing that happened this week, at least that I can think of right now, so I guess I'll wish you a wonderful week!

Love you more!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Germany Week 42

I loved Conference! It was sooo good! We haven't watched the Sunday afternoon Session yet, but I'm sure it was great too. It was amusing to be with a bunch of missionaries as we watched the first session because there was so much stuff about family so all the missionaries that are about to go home really enjoyed it.

So aside from Conference the week for us was actually, absolutely crazy. Well mostly just Saturday. Though on Thursday we also had a way good lesson with one of our investigators and I think he now understands the Godhead a lot better which was probably his biggest obstacle to getting baptized. But anyway, Saturday was Transfer Calls. Elder Bean and I are staying together and in fact our whole district wasn't too affected by transferrs; Elder Ninow and Elder McKeever left, but everyone was expecting that. Before they announced all that though President told us that six missionaries are coming from the Berlin Mission into the Erfurt Zone in preparation of the Berlin Mission officially takkaking that Zone over next transffer when the Erfurt District becomes part of the Lepzig Stake. Crazy right? Well after President finished telling us that he then informed us that when Elder Bednar comes later this month, he'll be giving us iPads. Yep. I had become convinced that neither of those things would ever actually happen, and here within one transfer both of them are. It's insane. (Also clerical matter in Bezug auf iPads, apparently you'll have to pay for that in my new home ward and the Stake President should have info on it. That is if they sent it to the right Stake President since I've forgotten to tell the office that you moved...)

Well, some over things probably happened this week, but I can't remember them right now, and those where the biggest. Church is true! And the Gospel is awesome. Remember that.

Love you more!
Elder Cloward