Monday, April 20, 2015

Germany Week 44

Hey Mom! Sounds like you still are having some pretty crazy weeks even though you're moved in now. (Ish) And what the snow? It's been getting pretty hot here lately. I was on split this week and we had to walk around the whole day in the blazing heat. It was about 25 degrees that day. Crazy. Speaking of that split, that made the rest of the week way more exciting because on it Elder Bean lost his wallet, so we spent a lot of our time the rest of the week trying to deal with that.

As for K, we haven't actually been able to meet with him because we had to move our appointment from last week to today. He did come to church again though, and he seemed to really enjoy it. We watched the last session of conference and he seemed pretty interested in all of it. There was also some random guy who showed up yesterday because he's interested in religion and specifically our church. He arrived a half hour early and talked to us the whole time, stayed for the whole meeting and then spent another hour and a half or so talking to the bishop about all the questions he had. It was pretty crazy and I hope he got a lot out of it and felt the spirit. As for other people I'm actually teaching, there's a guy whose name is M. He referred himself and actually already received all of the lessons in Russia, but had to move just before he could get baptized or something, so now he's here and he really wants to get baptized, so hopefully that will happen fairly soon. We have to teach him all of the lessons again to make sure he understands everything, but otherwise he's ready to go, he's already keeping all of the commandments and reads and prays and everything, so that's pretty cool.

Also, I can't think of anything else...except that you should all be jealous because I get to met Elder Bednar on Friday. Of course we learned this week that in order to get there on time we're going to have to catch an ICE at 5:12 in the morning, so we're going to be running on not too much sleep, but it should still be great.

Bis nächste Woche!

Love you more!!!

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