Monday, September 28, 2015

Germany Week 67

Dear Mum,

This week was pretty good. I'm trying to remember what actually happened. It was one of those crazy weeks with so much that it's hard to remember any of it... Let's see... Well, I went on a split with Elder Robinett. That was great. Meanwhile Elder Frickey had a good Termin (meeting) with D2. He also came to church, so that's going well. After that Split Elder Frickey and I went to visit the Baake family. That was a party. Then we had to go back to Frankfurt so we could go to Zone Conference the next day and get there on time. (We also had to go that night because I realized I had accidentally stolen Elder White's BahnCard from the split. Whoops...)

The best part of the week was definitely Sunday. R, a guy who got baptized some 20 years ago and just started coming back to church about when I got here, came to church in a suit. It was super exciting because normally he comes to church in a T-shirt and jeans, but last week bishop told him that if he comes to church in a white shirt he can go with the ward on their temple trip in a couple of weeks so this week he came in a suit. It was great.

Well I can't think of anything else to say... You're great! Church is true! General Conference is this week and it will be epic!

Love you more!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Germany Week 66

Dear Mom,

This week was pretty good. We were able to meet with D2 on Friday and teach him about the restoration. It went pretty well. He seemed to enjoy it and to be able to understand most of the stuff. He also took a copy of The Book of Mormon and said he would read it and pray about it, so that's good. We should have another appointment with him tomorrow, though I won't be there because we'll be on a split with the Zone Leaders and I'll be in Frankfurt. We're hopefully also going to meet with a guy named S on that day too. Schauen wir mal (we'll see).

We also went to an international car show today. That was crazy. Elder Frickey and Elder Rowe were super duper excited and we all went with and saw some pretty cars. Unfortunately most of the pictures I took are on my camera, and my reader won't work anymore so you'll have to wait until I come home to see them, but here's one of a super fancy car I sat in.

Love you more!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Germany Week 65

Dear Mum,

This week was pretty great. Truthfully though, I can't remember very well what happened before Saturday, mostly because Saturday and Sunday felt like they could have been an entire week in and of themselves. D1 did in fact get baptised and that was way cool. A lot of the ward showed up as well as some of her friends, through whom she was actually introduced to the church years and years ago. It was a super spiritual experience and it was awesome to see how excited she was about it. It was also amazing to see how awesome Geminderat is. You see, she already has Home and Visiting teachers and will probably get a calling next week or so. Amazing.

Also, on the way to the baptism (we were coming from Transfer Calls btw, which was also Saturday, nothing happened, everyone in the District is staying, so that didn't end up being that exciting, though it did add to the craziness of the day.) we met D2, the man who talked to us last week, and he told us he would come to church on Sunday. After the Baptism we had a thingamajig at our GML's garden to celebrate his wife's birthday and on the way the Sisters saw him again, and because it's the Fugals he got invited to that too. I don't know if any of that made sense, but the point is the Fugals now know this guy who wants to learn about the gospel. He also came to church the next day and said that we could meet sometime this week and that he would come again next week.

So it was an epic week, even if I can't really remember most of it.

Love you more!!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Germany week 64

Dear Mom,

Well you seem to already know about the most exciting part of my week. Or at least part of the most exciting day. We had the street display on Saturday and everyone in the district came, including the Jarrards as well the Zone leaders. That ended up being pretty good. I didn't personally end up talking to anyone that was interested, but Elder White got a number from a guy that seems really interested that he gave to us, so we'll see how that goes. Towards the end we got rained out, and just as we were about to pack up it stopped so we could go for another half hour or so.

After that the Jarrards took us to a delicious Mexican Restaurant for dinner and then they all left and we went home to weekly plan. And then the sisters called and asked us if we could give their investigator a blessing so we went and did that. Turns out her foot was swelling like crazy so she can't walk on it, but it should be fine for her baptism this Saturday, so we're hoping for that.

When we were coming home from that a random guy walked up to us and asked us if we were Mormon, said he had met some of us in Holland and that he wanted to meet with us. So we told him where the church is and he took a card, so that should be awesome.

Well those were the highlights. Have a fantastical week! Love You more!!! Me

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Letter from a Senior missionary

Elders Cloward and Frickey spent Sat PM preaching in the rain in the Mainz walking district with the sisters, the DLs, ZLs and us, the old couple. They bring a lot of humor and enthusiasm to the work. At the end of the day, some 8 copies of the B of M were handed out. Thanks for sharing your son with us. He's doing a great job! Elder & Sister JARRARD