Monday, September 7, 2015

Germany week 64

Dear Mom,

Well you seem to already know about the most exciting part of my week. Or at least part of the most exciting day. We had the street display on Saturday and everyone in the district came, including the Jarrards as well the Zone leaders. That ended up being pretty good. I didn't personally end up talking to anyone that was interested, but Elder White got a number from a guy that seems really interested that he gave to us, so we'll see how that goes. Towards the end we got rained out, and just as we were about to pack up it stopped so we could go for another half hour or so.

After that the Jarrards took us to a delicious Mexican Restaurant for dinner and then they all left and we went home to weekly plan. And then the sisters called and asked us if we could give their investigator a blessing so we went and did that. Turns out her foot was swelling like crazy so she can't walk on it, but it should be fine for her baptism this Saturday, so we're hoping for that.

When we were coming home from that a random guy walked up to us and asked us if we were Mormon, said he had met some of us in Holland and that he wanted to meet with us. So we told him where the church is and he took a card, so that should be awesome.

Well those were the highlights. Have a fantastical week! Love You more!!! Me

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