Monday, October 26, 2015

Germany Week 71

Dear Mom,

This week is the end of October. That's so weird. That also means that Saturday was transfer calls. Nothing too interesting there though. Elder Frickey and I are staying together here in Mainz. The closest thing to affecting me was that Sister Godwin is leaving Mainz, which meant that after the bishopric got several notes about it they asked her to come bear her testimony and she bawled through the whole thing.
Other things this week... Let's see... On Thursday we decided to go dooring in Oppenheim with a bit of time we had and we got to Bahnhof right before a train left so we hopped right on that. Some ten minutes into the train ride I realized it was not the correct train and were going completely the wrong direction. So we went to Saulheim instead. We started dooring and in the end only one person opened the door (and it's because she thought we were someone else), but she ended up promising that she would come to church sometime because we had such a nice conversation with her. It's a little hard for her to get around, so we'll have to wait and see when exactly that happens, but I have faith in her.
Well, that's probably the most exciting stuff of the week. Have a great week!

Love you more!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Germany Week 70

The District at a cool abandoned castle in Oppenheim last week.
Dear Mom,

Well, I feel like a lot happened this week, but nothing really that noteworthy. We did end up doing service in a lot of people's gardens. Well, just two, and today was more of a party than real service. Oh, by the way, that's why this is coming later than usual. In order to pick apples with everyone we had to switch it with the time we usually do emails, so I'm writing this a bit late later than usual. Also the internet isn't being very nice so I'll probably send it and then it will actually send when my iPad connects with the Internet again. Hopefully that's soon and not on Thursday.

Anyway, it's way exciting because we went and helped the H family today at their farm and her son, S, just moved in with them from Duisburg, so I already know him. It's great. Let's see. What else happened... We met with the Baakes and Aaron showed me pictures from his mission, aka pictures of Jacob. Aaron's brother Thorston gave us a referral. Hopefully we'll actually be able to meet with him sometime this week. We talked to lots of people on the streets and stuff. Zone Training happened. That was fun. Um... Yep. There was some other stuff, but I'm pretty sure it was boring, so I think that will reich me for the week.

The Apple Picking Crew.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Germany Week 69

My dear mum,

This week was, well, a week. Stuff happened. Yup, well Tschüß!

Okay, what actually happened this week... We did end up being able to watch the last session of conference. That was awesome. We watched it for Sunday School bzw Priesthood bzw Relief Society, which was great. It was funny because we did it right after Testimony meeting, in which a lot of people bore testimony about the prophets and General Conference. In fact one of the members of the bishopric bore his testimony about it twice. The second time he got up he acknowledged that it was weird, but he needed to correct something because in his first testimony he told a story about one of the apostles who had passed away and said it was Elder Hales, but it was actually Elder Scott.

After church we went and talked to some random people on the streets and then we went home to study. That's when one of the families in the ward called us and asked if we could come over, so we did. You see, they have a son with Down syndrome and he was very insistent that we come visit him Sunday so his parents said they would call us when they figured out when we could come this week and it ended up being yesterday. Woot.

Have a nice life!

Love you more!
Elder Cloward

Monday, October 5, 2015

Germany Week 68

Dear mummzy,

Um, no. That put quite the damper on the week. D2 emailed us on Tuesday and said that he didn't want to meet anymore. We were able to get him to agree to come to the sisters's English Class and talk to us one more time, but he said that was it, though he wants to come to the English Class every week, so we'll at least have some contact with him.

Then there was General Conference, which was, of course, epic. I have no idea what you're talking about with this ponderizing thing, presumably because it was in the Sunday Afternoon Session, which I still haven't seen. But as we were watching the Sunday Morning Session last night at our GML's house our GML was on the verge of tears because he got a shout out in it. You see Elder Rasband was his mission president, so he was a little emotional about the whole experience and then when Elder Rasband talked about all of the missionaries that served under him it was crazy. Good stuff.

Love you more!!!