Monday, October 26, 2015

Germany Week 71

Dear Mom,

This week is the end of October. That's so weird. That also means that Saturday was transfer calls. Nothing too interesting there though. Elder Frickey and I are staying together here in Mainz. The closest thing to affecting me was that Sister Godwin is leaving Mainz, which meant that after the bishopric got several notes about it they asked her to come bear her testimony and she bawled through the whole thing.
Other things this week... Let's see... On Thursday we decided to go dooring in Oppenheim with a bit of time we had and we got to Bahnhof right before a train left so we hopped right on that. Some ten minutes into the train ride I realized it was not the correct train and were going completely the wrong direction. So we went to Saulheim instead. We started dooring and in the end only one person opened the door (and it's because she thought we were someone else), but she ended up promising that she would come to church sometime because we had such a nice conversation with her. It's a little hard for her to get around, so we'll have to wait and see when exactly that happens, but I have faith in her.
Well, that's probably the most exciting stuff of the week. Have a great week!

Love you more!!!

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