Monday, April 6, 2015

Germany Week 42

I loved Conference! It was sooo good! We haven't watched the Sunday afternoon Session yet, but I'm sure it was great too. It was amusing to be with a bunch of missionaries as we watched the first session because there was so much stuff about family so all the missionaries that are about to go home really enjoyed it.

So aside from Conference the week for us was actually, absolutely crazy. Well mostly just Saturday. Though on Thursday we also had a way good lesson with one of our investigators and I think he now understands the Godhead a lot better which was probably his biggest obstacle to getting baptized. But anyway, Saturday was Transfer Calls. Elder Bean and I are staying together and in fact our whole district wasn't too affected by transferrs; Elder Ninow and Elder McKeever left, but everyone was expecting that. Before they announced all that though President told us that six missionaries are coming from the Berlin Mission into the Erfurt Zone in preparation of the Berlin Mission officially takkaking that Zone over next transffer when the Erfurt District becomes part of the Lepzig Stake. Crazy right? Well after President finished telling us that he then informed us that when Elder Bednar comes later this month, he'll be giving us iPads. Yep. I had become convinced that neither of those things would ever actually happen, and here within one transfer both of them are. It's insane. (Also clerical matter in Bezug auf iPads, apparently you'll have to pay for that in my new home ward and the Stake President should have info on it. That is if they sent it to the right Stake President since I've forgotten to tell the office that you moved...)

Well, some over things probably happened this week, but I can't remember them right now, and those where the biggest. Church is true! And the Gospel is awesome. Remember that.

Love you more!
Elder Cloward

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