Monday, April 13, 2015

Germany Week 43

Dear Mum, I'm fairly certain I say this everytime, but it still throws me off that you moved. I was dinking around on last week and while I was there I saw that I could look at the Ward Diectory and so I looked at your new ward. It was weird. But they all looked nice, at least the people that had pictures on it.

As for General Conference, I've watched most of the last session, and I've watched Pres. Uchtdorf speaking in German about a bajillion times, but the internet at the church always freaks out toward the end, so I still have a few talks I haven't seen. They announced yesterday though that they're going to show it for church next week so that should be good.

The rest of my week was regular. I suppose the most interesting part started a few months ago now, when Elder Tolson (my former companion if you don't remember) contacted this guy named K on the bus. He seemed pretty interested and he said he would come to church. But he didn't. So we called him, multiple times to see if we could meet or something, but everytime he said he'd like to come to church first and never came. Then, we randomly ran into him on a Bahn and talked to him there and he still didn't come. We eventually kind of just gave up. Then, last week, the sisters where dooring a random house and what do you know they doored into K. What's more, he promised them he would come to church. And guess what, he came!!! It was way cool and he seemed to really enjoy it and afterwards he asked if we could meet sometime and teach him more, which we gladly accepted. Proof once more that God gives us miracles after all we can do, just usually not in the way we think.

Well, that's the only particularly awesome thing that happened this week, at least that I can think of right now, so I guess I'll wish you a wonderful week!

Love you more!!!

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