Monday, January 25, 2016

Germany Week 84

Dear Mummzypoo,

My week was pretty good. Bonn is super awesome, though it's a little weird because we live in Euskirchen right now, which means that we have to travel an hour or so everyday in both directions to get to our actual area and back. But next transfer we should be actually moving to Bonn and then the other elders will keep working in Euskirchen. It's pretty crazy though, because just recently they made the official splitness between the Bonn ward and the Group in Euskirchen. (They're hoping to make that into an actual Branch soon and then it will be even crazier because currently all of the ward leaders are in both groups.) But, yeah, Bonn is super great and miracles are happening here, so I'm excited.

My new companion's name is Elder Coombs. He's from South Weber, which breaks my streak of having companions not from Utah. Elder Frickey is indeed still in Mainz and almost assuredly will be until he goes home. Anyway, Elder Coombs has been in Bonn for awhile and has been on his mission for a little under 18 months so this could very possibly be the only transfer I serve with him. Schauen wir mal.

So anyway, yes, Elder Newman called sometime this week and officially made it so I will be going home in June. I haven't actually gotten my visa extended, but that should hopefully be happening this week and if not then the week after. It sounds like the Ausländer Büro here in Euskirchen is fairly reasonable, so it should be good. Aber, na ja, that should be what's going down, so I should be home in June. In related news, I'm pretty sure that means I broke the system and should be having five times to call home, but that last one will be way weird because I'll basically be home for it.

Love you more!!!

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