Monday, February 1, 2016

Germany Week 85

Dear Mum,

My week was pretty good. I have not yet received my extension, but when I finished anmelding they told me they would send me a letter telling me everything I need to do and need to have, so hopefully that will come soon and be able to be done quickly, but we'll see. Thankfully German Bureaucracy tends to be faster than American bureaucracy. As for my address it's:

Saarstra├če 84
53879 Euskirchen

But unless you're going to send me anything in the next week (if that) it doesn't really matter because we're moving to Bonn. We got the okay to move to the new appartment on the 15th of February, so we'll probably move a few days after that. We'll have to talk to the Tech Elders to see exactly when we'll be moving, but it should be happening soon and then we'll actually live where we work! What's more, we'll live only about 10 minutes away from the church (which is indeed in Bonn) which will be a nice change for the hour or so it takes now. Of course it's not too bad anyway because church starts at 10:00.

Anyway, the week was good. Probably the coolest part was on Tuesday when we recieved two random referals. One of them was a German Forgein exchange student in America who said that he wants to get baptized when he gets back. Unfortunately we haven't been able to get in contact with either of them, but that's what this next week is for. The rest of the week was pretty bland. I can't specifically remember anything that happened, but I'm sure it was exciting.

Love you more!

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