Monday, February 22, 2016

Germany Week 88

Dear Mum,

Well, that's awkward. I totally sent you an email last week. Something weird happened and I wasn't sure it sent, but then my iPad assured me it had, so I thought that it was fine. Guess not. Hope everyone else got their emails... Sorry.

Now I just feel guilty and can't remember what happened this week. Uh... Our Neubekehrt, C, is a boss. He brought like four people to church last week and we taught them all this week. They're all way cool and Persian, so we can't understand anything they say, so we have to have one of our Persian members, H, there every time we meet. Then this Sunday they all came to church and what's more C brought another friend of his, who we're also going to meet with this week. #BonnisCanaan #IlovePersians


Drachenburg! (And Bonn in the background.)
P.S. Some pictures to make up for the iPad failing?
Drachenfels! (And not my companion)

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