Monday, December 14, 2015

Germany week 78

Dear Mummzy,

Anyway, my week was pretty good. Like always I have no idea what happened at the beginning of the week. Oh wait, Sister Alves, the new Sister here showed up. But anyway, the best part of the week was certainly the end of it sowieso. On Saturday, we went to Wiesbaden to help out with the Baptism of an excommunicated member, who after years of waiting finally got rebaptized. That was super great and his testimony on Sunday was amazing.

Later on Saturday we were going out to talk to people and we had A little less time than we had planned. Therefore, we decided to do that last half of our plan and just skip the first part. Well, we had wanted to take a train to a Stadtteil of Mainz, but we just missed the train, so instead we took a bus. We weren't sure were the bus went in comparison with the train, so we just decided to take it to the end. As it turns out, no one was on the streets there, so we just walked in the direction of home for a bit, not seeing many people. Then as we were passing a bus stop Elder Frickey started talking to someone, who turned out to be Bruder W, a less active we've been trying to get a hold of for a month or two with no luck. So right there we made out a Termin and invited him to come to church, which he did! Yay!

Well, love you more!!!

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