Monday, November 9, 2015

Germany Week 73

Dear Mum,

My week was pretty good. We had Stake Conference, which was awesome. On Saturday evening for the adult session they had a missionary choir for basically a prelude. We sang that one EFY medley thingy with Will Bring The World His Truth and As Sisters in Zion. I have to say, I think it was a good way to start the meeting. The rest of the meeting was also wonderful as was the next day.

Also this week we had one of them weird blessing thingys. We were talking to people on the streets near our house and fairly soon before we had to go home we talked to a random guy. It was interesting talking to Elder Frickey afterwards because as it turns out we both felt like it was very led by the spirit because I was blanking hard core, but Elder Frickey was talking, and then he started blanking and suddenly I knew exactly what I was supposed to say. But here's where the weird part comes in, while he did talk to us, he said he'd rather not meet with us, gave us no way to contact him, and wouldn't even take The Book of Mormon we offered. I guess we just have to assume there was a reason that inspired conversation happened that we couldn't see, but The Lord knoweth all things, so that's fine by me.

Love you more!

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