Monday, January 26, 2015

Germany Week 32

Dear Mom,

This week was certainly more busy than last week. I indeed did regain my health and therewith I was able to go around and actually get to appointments and go out and contact and whatnot. Duisburg turns out to be a hip-happenin' place. We've got an investigator who should be getting baptized on the seventh of February and it really seems like he's going to make that happen. There's another family here that we met with, and we'll hopefully be able to set a baptisimal date with them this week, so that should be fun. They're way great and seem pretty excited about the gospel. The lesson we had with them was really spiritual and they definitely seem to feel the truthfulness of it, so I'm really excited for them.

Your week sounds pretty normal. I feel for you with the whole home teaching thing; talking to people is hard, but I believe in you! And I know that the Lord will always help us do what he asks of us. We actually have been teaching that to quite a few of our investigators lately, and I know that Nephi's promise applies to everyone, both investigators and you, and me.

Well, I'm really bad at writting emails, and really have nothing else to say, so I guess I'll just say Bye Now!

Love you more!

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