Monday, January 5, 2015

Germany week 29

Dear Mum,

My New Year's doesn't sound like it was nearly as exciting as yours. We did get woken up at midnight, because seemingly this entire side of town decided that the best place to set off fire works was in the parking lot next to our house. And of course they couldn't do it on the other side of the parking lot where there are no houses; no, they had to do it as close to our window as possible. So I got woken up, and couldn't go back to sleep, so I figured I'd go and watch the fire works, but I couldn't actually see any of them, just hear them, so I couldn't fall asleep. That was exciting. New Year's day was also interesting because basically no one was out, except for us, so there wasn't really anyone to contact, try as we might.

There were a few more people at church this week. We still weren't full, or even as full as we usually are, but we were able to have richtig church. We in fact even had a young man there, whom we helped move in last week, who three years ago was serving in Bamberg (It was his first area on his mission.). Now he's back and getting married to a girl who lives in the ward.

Wait, Jayden's eight? When in the world did he get that old? Crazy.

Well, nothing else too exciting happened this week. Maybe there will be something exciting to tell you next week. There should be because transfer calls are on Saturday, but let's face it, I'm just staying here.

Mach's gut!
Love you more!

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