Monday, December 29, 2014

Germany Week 28

Dearest Mumzy,

The rest of my Christmas was pretty good. We had a delicious turkey dinner with Rot Kohl and Knödel (or is it Klösse? I never remember). Also on Second Christmas we were invited over to S's house where we played some games with him and had a delicious traditional Bamberger Lunch. It also started snowing on Christmas, so Bamberg is properly white now, and freezing cold. It makes all that contacting we do even more fun.

Sunday was also exciting. We had so few people at church. Bishop ended up turning half of Sacrament Meeting into a testimony meeting because the second person who was supposed to speak didn't show up. He even ended up cancelling Sunday School because there were so few people and the person that was supposed to teach wasn't there. So that was interesting. Church was all really good though. A lot of the stuff we talked about led me to reading in Romans 8, and let me tell you that chapter's great. My favorite verses are 18 and then the last two verses. I feel like they're awesome all of the time, but especially if you're going through rough times.

Well, nothing else much happened this week that you don't already know about...

Zippidy Doo-da
Love you more!
Elder Isaac

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