Monday, December 15, 2014

Germany Week 26

My week wasn't too exciting. Mostly spent it walking around the streets trying to talk to people about Christmas and He is The Gift. I did spend some time making some Plätzchen though. That was exciting. It reminded me of grandma, partially because we were making Plätzchen and partly because Bru. G spent the whole time talking about how he used to make some with his grandmother. (Also, you shouldn't google that or anything, you should just ask your other sons what Plätzchen is, because the guy in our ward that's from East Germany was weirded out calling them that, but all the Frankoniens were very insistant that it was Plätzchen, and not anything else.)

Aside from that nothing too exciting's been going on here. Christmas is in the air. It's a party. Uh... yep, you're great!

Love you more!!!
Elder Son

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