Monday, December 8, 2014

Germany Week 25

Dearest Mumzy,

Elder Nilson and I drinking my first Kinderpusch together at the Coburg Weihnachtmarkt.
My week wasn't too exciting. I certainly didn't have any rolls, thawed or otherwise, but I did have some Kinderpunsch, so I guess that makes up for it. I did indeed go to the Christkindmarkt down in Nürnberg on Monday. That puppy is huge. Massive. Especially compared to the one here in Bamberg, which we walk past pretty much everyday. Of course the one in Bamberg is still bigger than the one in Coburg, which we ate lunch at on Tuesday after we had Distrikts Versammlung there. But Coburg has the coolest mugs, so that makes up for it being tiny.
Tiny-istsy-bisty part of the Nürnberg Weihnachtmarkt

We also got our "He is the Gift" pass-along cards this week, which are way awesome. I was told that all of the Ensigns were supposed to come with a few too, does that mean that you have some that your supposed to hand out too? Awesome. Also it's pretty cool that the church bought Time Square for a month. Anyway. I'm super excited to go around and talk to people about Christmas! Christmas is great.

Sonst (otherwise), nothing much happened. At least nothing too special. I did listen to Elder Bednar's talk again this week, and let me tell you, that talk is awesome. I found his wording about full-time missionaries to be very interesting, especially seeing as I am a full-time missionary, but I think everyone else could get a lot out of that talk too.

I'm sure something else cool happened this week, but I really can't think of it, so I think I'll just attatch a bunch of pictures and call it good.

Love you more!
Elder Son

Elder Peifer and I with our Companion Teddy Bear's dressed as cows! (No, we're not, and have never been companions, we've just been on so many mini-splits we might as well be) (Also me in my new coat and hat)

Weisstein Schloss, just for fun.

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