Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Germany Week 24

Dear Momma,

Probably the most exciting thing about my week was transfer calls. Turns out I'm staying in Nürnberg for Christmas, in fact I'm staying in Bamberg for Christmas. The whole district is actually staying the same, except for Elder Burger who is going home. It's kind of crazy. The other super exciting thing was that the Weihnachtmarkts are out!!! I haven't really seen most of Bamberg's, but I've seen bits from walking around. I'm also going to Nürnberg's Weihnachtmarkt today, and that one is supposed to be awesome, so I'm super excited.

It sounds like your Thanksgiving was quite the party. I actually ended up having a lot more of a thanksgiving than I thought we were going to because one of the members invited us over for thanksgiving. It was a German and his British wife, so they don't actually celebrate Thanksgiving, but they felt bad for us and invited us over anyway. What's more they actually found a turkey. It was all delicious, though it was missing a little of that Mother's Pumpkin Pie. And Stuffing. But otherwise it was perfect, and was really delicious.

I actually sort of got two Thanksgiving dinners, because earlier in the day we had a surprise Zone Training and someone brought Chicken and cookies for everyone. That wasn't the actual point of the meeting though, which was actually even better. We met to discuss the church's new website: christmas.mormon.org and the video that goes along with it. If you haven't visited the site, or watched the video yet, you definitely should. It is so good! I hope we can all watch it and truly remember that Jesus is the Christ, and that through Him we can be save.

Love you more!

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