Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Germany Week 23

Dear Sister Mom,

As it turns out M2 did not get baptized this week. He is indeed American and he ended up having to leave a little earlier than anticipated, so he was gone by the time he was going to get baptized. I think he's probably already referred to the elders back in the states, or he will refer himself very soon though, so I think he should still be good, I just won't get to be there.

Things here have been about the same as always. It is getting a bit colder, and I actually bought a coat last week. I know, I actually bought a coat. Crazy. It looks really classy though. I'll have to take a picture of it and send it to you sometime.

We also had Stake Conference yesterday. That was super interesting, especially since Nürnberg is a bilingual stake so everything was said in one language and immediately translated into the other. They do it every week here in Bamberg, but it was still strange in a Stake Conference setting for some reason. Stake Conference was really good though. I think my favorite talk was given by our special guest Präsident Stoddard. He made a really interesting point that missionary work is really all about helping people better understand Christ, and that everything else we teach as missionaries, as well as everything everyone does as member missionaries, is really just appendages thereto, and really just helps people better know Christ. Also, he spoke in German, which was way cool, though I think his translator was expecting to translate into German up to the very moment that Präsident Stoddard started speaking. It was great.

Well, keep on being awesome!

Love you more!!!
Elder Son

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