Monday, November 17, 2014

Germany Week 22

Elder Nilson and I taught Bamberg's lone deacon on Sunday. That was a handful. The kid's awesome, but he's a bit irreverent sometimes. We finally got him to pay attention and everything though, and then it was a really good, spiritual lesson.

Other than that nothing too exciting happened. We did some contacting. I went on a split and taught the Familie G. They are awesome. The dad is way funny, and he constantly cracks jokes, but he can also be very spiritual. It was a way good lesson about God's plan, and how while he does have an over arching plan for us, he also has a plan for each of us individually. Also, we found out this week, that because of some crazy circumstances that popped up M2 will be moving back to the States pretty soon, and he wants to get baptized before he moves, which means he's trying to do it this Saturday. It seems like it's going to happen and we'll hopefully be able to go and see it! Ich freue mich daf├╝r! Matt ist der Hammer!

Well, I think that's about it for me. Have an awesome week!

Love you more!
Elder Son,

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