Monday, November 3, 2014

Germany Week 20

Yum, brownies... Now I really want some brownies, but thankfully there are a lot of other delicious things here that I can eat, even if I haven't seen any brownies in a very long time. Elder Swallow does indeed know Steven Nelson, so that's exciting. As for Christmas I might wear a scarf if you sent me one and some warmer socks would probably be nice, but mostly I just need to get some gloves, and probably buy a nice coat. We'll see.

My week was pretty crazy. Elder Swan and I had to run around saying goodbye to people for the first half of the week and then on Wednesday we had to go down to Nürnberg. I stayed there until Thursday and Elder Swallow was supposed to come in on a bus at about 5:00, but they called a bit before and said they'd be there about an hour and a half late. We'll, that made everything interesting because we were supposed to be meeting with M2 at 6:00, and he suddenly wasn't going to be there until 6:30. So I took another missionary, Elder Cochran, and we ran back to Bamberg, did a sort of lesson with M2, but mostly just sat down and talked with him to help him keep from smoking, since he's trying to give that up. Afterwards we ran back to Nürnberg because our new companions should have been there for about an hour already, even with the delay, but of course when we got back, they still weren't there, so we actually met them as they got off the bus.

Church yesterday was great. Elder Swallow got up and bore his testimony. And one of the Weniger Aktivs that the other guys have been working with came and stayed for the whole time. It was awesome. In fact in Priesthood, he even made a really good comment about home teaching and how it's about caring about the people and not just giving a rote lesson, yes, the lesson is important, but it's not the most important. As he was saying that I realized just how much Home Teaching is like missionary work, because that's exactly the same thing with us! The audience tends to be a little different, but everything else is pretty much the same.

I can't think of anything else that really happened this week, but I hope your week is awesome!

Love you more!!!!!
Elder Cloward

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