Monday, October 27, 2014

Germany Week 19

My week was pretty good, I am indeed staying in Bamberg, where I will be joined by Elder Swallow, whom I do not yet know, though supposedly I've met him at some point, but as I probably met a bunch of other people that day that I'll never see again, I don't remember him. As for Elder Swan, we're going to Nürnberg Wednesday evening, and he's going to Frankfurt the next day where he'll meet his parents and go to the temple and stuff. He's then going to tour around Germany for a week, and is actually coming back to Bamberg next Monday and I'll probably see him then.

As for lessons, we've been teaching an awesome Neubekert (new convert) and that's been super fun because he really wants to learn more about the church. We've also been in almost daily telephone contact with M2 because even though he lives in Grafenwöhr right now, he'll probably have to come to Bamberg for church most of the time, and he's hoping to move back to Bamberg at some point. He's super awesome, and he's really commited to being ready for the Dec. 20 Baptismal date the Grafenwöhr elders challenged him to.

Sounds like your week was pretty fun, you should have another good one this week!

Love you more!

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