Monday, August 4, 2014

Germany Week 7

Ah, August in Germany. Ridiculously hot, and ridiculously humid. What a wonderful combination.

Life here's about as normal as missionary work ever is. We finally got an appointment with this guy we met at Bahnhof on our very first day in Bamberg. He's been texting us ever since and based on his questions and everything he seems like he's golden and really wants to know the truth. Unfortunately every appointment we were ever actually able to make with him fell through, until last Thursday! That was an awesome day. We started out that day with no appointments, but we felt like we should call one of our investigators, got an appointment with him that day, the guy I was just talking about, A--, called us and made an appointment for that day, so suddenly we had two appointments. Then, one potential investigator we've been calling everyday for almost a month called us back after I had the sudden inspiration to ask Elder Swan if we had tried texting him. It was a miracle day. Sadly none of them came to church yesterday, but hopefully they'll come next week.

Also, these days at least seem a lot shorter than they did at Ultradent.

Love you more!
Elder Son

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