Monday, July 28, 2014

Germany Week 6

It sounds like you had quite the exciting week. On the 24th I realized what day it was about halfway through the day and started wishing all of the missionaries around a happy Pie 'n Beer day*. I really want homemade ice cream now. Thanks for reminding me of it mom.

Nothing too crazy happened here this week, but it was a pretty exciting week. Friday was probably the best day. First Elder Swan and I went out to go by some former investigators and some less actives and to contact some people along the way. The very first (and she actually ended up being the only) person we talked to, took a Book of Mormon and gave us her number because she said she was interested in learning more! It was awesome! A bit later in the day we met with the other Bamberg Fellas and Elder Sprunt informed us that he just got a text from one of their investigators saying he wants to get baptized!!! It will be in at least a month because he wants to be living the standards of the church for at least a month before he gets baptized and he has to quit smoking and break up with his girlfriend. We were with him all day yesterday and he didn't smoke one cigarette, which is really impressive since he has been smoking a pack or two everyday since he was about 11. He only left us when he went to go try and break up with his girlfriend, so he definitely seems like he's going to make it, but I sure don't envy him because it's going to be hard.

We also had transfer calls on Saturday, but it doesn't really affect me too much. Elder Jackson, our District Leader, and one of the other Elders in Bamberg is getting transfered out, but that's about the only change in the entire district.

You're great!

Love you more!

*the folks on our street have a block party on Pioneer Day which they call "Pie 'n Beer Day

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