Monday, July 14, 2014

Germany Week 4

Hey Mumsy! Sounds like you had quite an... interesting week. So are you already in Texas then? You said you'll be there for Joseph's Birthday right? You should wish him a happy Birthday for me because this is the closest I'll get to talking to him on his Birthday.

My week was pretty interesting. The work seems to be picking up. Yesterday we taught a Polish girl, named S--
, at the Bishop's house. She's sort of been meeting with the missionaries for about two years, but it's been more of hanging out than anything else, but yesterday we explained that we wanted teach her a few lessons and she was totally down for it!

Also on Friday night we were starting to plan and Elder Swan kept feeling like we were supposed to do something. He looked at all of of investigators, and potentials and what not, but we had already called all of them, or knew what was happening with them. He decided to look through the contacts in our phone anyway, and randomly stumbled across a potential investigator that the last missionaries had found. He called him up, but he couldn't hear a word we were saying and hung up on us. Oh well. Then, a few minutes later he called us back and we set up an appointment for Saturday. Our lesson with him was awesome, and when we told him that faith grows in us like a seed grows into a tree he told us "I want to be a tree." He also said he could feel the truth in what we were saying and is meeting with us again today!

 The View from the other Elders Apartment.  It looks way better in real life.  You can see Michaelsburg, a cloister, over on the right of the picture, and on the left is the top of Bambergerdome
Also, funny story, we did some Sport Contacting this week, so we went and played some basketball at a park. Unfortunately there were only little kids there, but we decided to play with them anyway. We were thinking that we were going to have to go easy on them, but they totally schooled us. We Nicknamed one, who was ten, John Stockton because I don't think he missed one shot. It was ridiculous.
The View from my apartment.  At least you can see if your train is late or not.

You're the best Mom!
Have a jolly week!
Love you more!
Elder Isaac Cloward

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