Monday, July 7, 2014

Germany Week 3

Sounds like you had quite the exciting week! Mine was much less exciting and consisted mostly of walking around the beautiful streets of Bamberg trying to get anyone to talk to us. We acually met a few people that seem like they're really cool and might just end up being awesome investigators. We'll have to wait and see on them. Unfortunately the one real investigator we had decided he didn't want to meet with us anymore so now we more or less have no actual investigators, but a couple of potentials.

We also went over to the Bishop's house yesterday, and let me tell you, he and his wife are really awesome people. What's more, they cooked Enchilads for us. They were delicious and brought a little bit of home.

Well, I don't think I really have much of anything else to say, there's not exactly a lot going on here in Bamberg, though there is a Giant Magic Show coming up. We're also hoping that if Germany makes it to the final Pres. Stoddard will let us watch that game, but I digress.

Love you more!
Elder Isaac

P.S. You should totally go read "Following Up", Elder Ballard's last conference talk.

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