Monday, August 11, 2014

Germany Week 8

So this week was the start of August, which apparently means that everyone goes on Urlaub, which meant that the few investigators we did have all disappeared off the face of the earth, which meant we spent all week doing finding work. It was a little rough. Especially since we spent probably close to six hours each day contacting people in one way of another and we didn't even get one potential investigator. We did end up giving out a Book of Mormon, but I wasn't actually there when Elder Swan did that because I was on an austausch with Elder Nilson. That was pretty coool though. You see, Elder Nilson, who is the new District leader btw, plays the ukelele, so he thought we could try walking around the city and playing it and see if it could get a conversation started with someone. It was almost nine, and we had had a few conversations with people, but they were all pretty short and without much substance, so we were walking home. We walked around a corner and a nice old couple commented on Elder NIlson's playing and asked him to play a song for them, which he did. Afterwards he started explaining a bit about why we were there, and they said they already knew about the mormons and weren't interested, but just at this moment a door across the street opened and two girls in about their 30s walked out and asked if Elder Nilson would play a song for their friend for her birthday. We figured it couldn't hurt so we followed them into their backyard where there was a party of 20-30 people. Elder Nilson was a little taken back, but he still played Somewhere Over the Rainbow for them, and did a wonderful job I might add. Afterwards one of them tried to tip Elder Nilson €10, which he of course refused, so of course they asked us what we were doing in Germany, so he explained and bore his testimony to them. Super Cool. We also gave the girl a Book of Mormon as a birthday present. I don't know how much any of that actually helped any of them, but I think it at least made all of those people a little less skeptical of those guys who walk around in white shirts, which is sometimes all you can ask for.

Other than that this has been a pretty boring week. President Stoddard told us that we should always send a scripture, that impressed us this week, in our emails, and I totally had one, but I forgot to write it down or bring my scriptures, so I guess you'll just have to wait until next week.

Have a totally I mean righteous, week!!!

Love you more!

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