Monday, August 25, 2014

Germany week 10

Hey Momma!!!

A bit of the view of Würzburg from atop a Festung (fortress)
My week was pretty good. Würzbug was pretty gorgeous, and I in fact do have some pictures that I am going to send you. I also didn't get your e-card, but I can probably picture it in my head, or at least the one you would have sent me if you could have found it, so we're all good.

Elder Swan and I have not been successful in finding anyone to teach, old, new, member or not this week, but we did do a bit of service. We were also successful in finding a guy with an awesome accent who may or may not be a seventy. You see, we had Zone Konferenz on Thursday and Elder Kearon spoke at it. If you don't know who that is, he spoke about scorpions in General Conference a few years ago. I wish I brought my notes, because it was way awesome, but I really cannot remember anything specific right now...

Happy Days!

Love you even more!!!
Elder Swan and I battling in a Garden atop a Festung.

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