Monday, August 31, 2015

Germany Week 63

It's crazy that you've been learning so much about the sabbath because we have too! You'd almost think the Quorum of the Twelve specifically besought the area presidencies to get everyone in their areas to focus on that. (Hint: If you didn't already know, they totally did, you can expect to keep hearing about it for awhile longer, at least until next General Conference, which, fun fact is only about a month away.)

This week has been pretty normal for us. Talked with some people. A lot of people. It was actually rather interesting the other day as we were talking to people on the streets. There was a man who wasn't exactly nice to us. He wasn't mean, he just really didn't tolerate what we were doing. It was interesting in that moment because while I felt a bit attacked at the moment I also felt a greater surety that what I was saying was true. But I guess that's how it happens a lot, so nothing really too surprising there.

Love you more!

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