Monday, July 27, 2015

Germany week 58

Dear Mum,

I was indeed at the temple, in fact for fun I even went into a sealing room so I could be in one of those on the same day as y'all. Also, I did indeed write the emails on Tuesday, but our internet wasn't working properly, so it wouldn't let me send it, so I had to wait until Thursday when we were at the church and then all of them actually sent. Anyway, turns out there are great perks to serving in a ward with your brother's former companion, namely, you get to see pictures of your brother's wedding before Monday! So yeah, Aaron showed me all of Jacob's wedding photos that people had posted on Facebook yesterday. 'Twas exciting.

Also, my week was pretty good. The best part was probably the temple, because that's always great. Also I was on a split in Langen when we met with our way cool investigator, so I don't know exactly how that's going. Church was also pretty exciting because two ladies just randomly came with their daughters. (So only one of them was random, the other was actually one of the sister's investors, but it was still cool that she came.) The Sisters are teaching both of them now, so that should be awesome because they both seemed to really like church. It was awesome to see once again just how way cool miracles are happening, even here in Germany.

Church is true!

Love you more!

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