Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Germany week 57

Dearest Mummzypoo,

First off, sorry I forgot to tell you last week, but I'm emailing today because I'm going to the temple and it's not open on Monday, so we have to have P-day today instead of yesterday. Sorry I didn't tell you last week; I hope you didn't think I was dead.

Along with that it's crazy that Jacob's getting married. That's today right? That means I'll be in the temple on the same day as y'all's!

Also, my week was pretty good. Had some nice lessons with some members and some investigators and what not. I think the real story of the week though was being "quick to observe." I started thinking about this at District Meeting when one of the sisters, Sister Riser, gave a Thema about the gift if discernment. It reminded me of a talk by Elder Bednar, wherein he says that a prerequisite to the gift of discernment is the gift of being quick to observe. That in turn led me to thinking about a event from a little earlier in the week.

Elder Blanchard and I were visiting the Baake brothers towards the end of the day and after giving them a short spiritual thought we left, but there was still a little bit of time in the day, so we decided to go by a nearby less active. Turns out the building he's supposed to live in doesn't exist anymore, so then we went home. About three stops before we normally get off the Stra├čenbahn Elder Blanchard turned to me and told me he felt like we needed to get off. So we did. At this point it was a little past nine, so we were having to walk rather briskly though the streets in order to not be home late, but I made sure to say at people and pay attention to whether or not I felt like I should talk to them. Well, Elder Blanchard ended up stopping a man, and giving him a copy of The Book of Mormon. Now I don't know if that's exactly why we were out there then, but I do know that there was a reason, and that by following that prompting, something good came out of that.

Love you more!!!
Elder Cloward

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