Monday, June 15, 2015

Germany Week 52

Hey Mom,

Does that mean you have actual AC? I'm jealous. Too bad Germany doesn't believe in AC, though it hasn't been hot yet so I guess that's okay. In fact today I feel like I should be wearing a sweater.

Anyway, this week was pretty great. Probably the highlight was yesterday when we met with M. That was the last actual lesson we'll have with him before his baptism on Saturday. Other than that he just has his interview and then should be ready, so that's way cool.

We also had Zone Conference last Tuesday. That was way awesome! The last half of the Conference was taken up by discussing different aspects of the Atonement. It was one of those times when I basically just get out of it that I really need to understand that better. It was also cool because President instructed everyone giving Themas to try to be as much like Elder Bednar was as possible so that was awesome.

Well there was assuredly other things, but I can't think of them now.

You're great!!!

Love you more!!!

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