Monday, June 8, 2015

Germany Week 51

Anyway, as for stuff going on around here, it's a real party. One of the members here (By) got set apart yesterday for his mission and that was awesome. That brings the grand total of missionaries from Duisburg up to three, and next month it will be four, and sometime a little later this year it should be up to five. This ward is on fire. Anyway, he's going to be an awesome missionary, and it also made church yesterday exciting because there were a bunch of random people there.

We also had our final lesson with J this week, this time over in Mühlheim. That was awesome as always. At the end of the lesson he basically ended up bearing his testimony to us about how the Church is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that The Book of Mormon is true. That kid will go far, though sadly I won't be there to see most of it.

Interestingly enough however The Lord once again showed us His miracles in the way He wants and not the way we want. You see, we've been working to try and get better at finding, and while we're still not amazing we've been getting better. Now knowing that we were about to loose one of our best investigators I suppose you could say that we were getting even more desperate to find a new one, and nothing was happening, we weren't even getting potentials. Then, just before our last lesson with J a member in Essen gave us a referral. From what she told us about the man, we were worried our first appointment would end up being rather bashy, and would therefore probably be our last because there's really no point going any further with that. Very soon after we started the lesson though, we could tell that it wasn't going to be like that at all. This man really wants to know the truth, and he's willing to do a lot to try and find it.

It was so cool to see the Lord blessing us and fulfilling His promises. It was once again not how I expected it, nor was it exactly related to what I had been trying to do to receive a blessing, but I know it is from Him, and I know that He wants to bless all of us, and that he will, the moment we start even trying to better follow Him.

Have the most wonderful week of all time!
Love you more!

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