Monday, March 2, 2015

Germany Week 37

Dearest Mummzy,

Sending Elder Tolson home was about like sending Elder Swan home. Except Elder Tolson was more noticeably trunky since he had to interact with Sister Madsen all the time who was also incredibly trunky. As for Elder Bean he's from Idaho Falls, just like Elder Tolson. In fact Elder Bean's mother was Elder Tolson's math teacher for two years. I think the simplest way to describe Elder Bean would simply be to say he's a nerd. Now, while he may be younger than me in real life, he actually didn't come out with me, but rather trained Elder Christensen, who came out at the same time as me. So yeah, he's on his death bed just like all of my other companions have been. I might even kill him too, but probably not.

We found out the other week that apparently we get to listen to Elder Bednar in April. (I think that's what President said...) So that should be way awesome. It's crazy because Elder Ballard just barely came (and Elder Bednar was here with him, though he only talked to the Berlin mission not to us) and from what it sounds like that doesn't happen very often.

As for the rest of my week, it wasn't too exciting. Spent most of the first half saying goodbye to people with Elder Tolson and the second half of the week getting Elder Bean up to speed on all of our investigators and the ward and all that jazz. That didn't leave too much time for "traditional" missionary work, but don't worry, we did a lot of it anyway.

Well...I'm drawing a blank as to anything else to say, but you're great!

Love you more!

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