Monday, February 23, 2015

Germany Week 36

My week consisted mostly of fallen through appointments, which was a little bit frustrating, but life goes on and hopefully things will be better next week. This week should be fairly interesting though because Elder Tolson is going home and will soon be replaced by a man by the name of Elder Bean who is coming up from Aachen. Should be an interesting experience.

Also this week I had an interesting experience at District Meeting. For some reason that day was going really well, and I couldn't figure out why until District Meeting. Since it was Elder Tolson and Sister Madsen's last District Meeting ever we had a nice testimony meeting to end it and one of the elders gave his about prayer. And that's when I realized why that day was great. Now, don't get me wrong, I always say my morning prayers, I'm just sometimes a wee bit more asleep than awake, but that morning I had made sure to actually wake myself up before I said my prayer, and I really could tell the difference it made in my day. Prayer is the best!

Also, tschüß!
Love you more!

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