Monday, February 16, 2015

Germany Week 35

This week seems like it was crazy busy, but I can't remember anything that actually happened. We did meet with some investigators, but nothing too exciting happened with any of those. Elder Tolson has also had to start doing things to get ready to go home, so I've been doing a lot of sitting around studying or something as he writes his mission history or what not. It reminds me a lot of when Elder Swan was going home, so that's exciting. Thankfully aside from those things he has to do to get ready Elder Tolson's still been doing well on the doing missionary work front. We also ate at some members houses, and lately we've been trying to get more involvement form members in the missionary work, and I've been amazed at just how ready most members are. Most of them just need a little push, and some of them don't even need that. The JAE we visited last night is quite possibly a better missionary than I am, and he's not even on a mission! It's crazy!

Well, I really can't think of anything else to say so... Have a nice week!

Love you more!!!
Elder Isaac Cloward

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