Monday, March 16, 2015

Germany week 39

Life here is, well exactly the same as always. Nothing too exciting. Met with G a few times. Oh, also went over to M's house. That man is crazy. I was on a split Thursday and we thought nothing was going to happen, and then he called us up and said he invited a few investigators over for dinner and asked us if we wanted to come. It was way cool.

Also, on Tuesday we gave a Chinese Book of Mormon to a girl and told her a little bit about it, but she wasn't as interested as we had hoped so it lasted about five minutes instead of the half hour or so we had planned for so we had a lot of time to go finding. We decided to go off to a deserted road and say a quick prayer that we could actually find someone who might be interested and then we started klingling some doors. Very first door we went to the people were at least vaguely interested and told us to come back some other time and maybe they could actually talk. It was cool.

Love you more!!!

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