Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MTC Week 4

My weeks been pretty dandy, though we didn't get to listen to any Apostles this week.  Too bad right?  We did get to listen to a seventy though, and the person that's over using the internet to do missionary work.  It was super interesting to hear him speak because the majority of his talk was about the initial spread of the gospel and how almost none of it was done with traditional proselyting, but instead through Social Networking!  Then he talked about how even missionaries who don't yet get to use facebook and what not on their missions can use facebook to do missionary work.  One of his examples was that in Preach My Gospel it talks about getting members to make a list of friends and family and then pray about which of them could be helped right now by the Gospel, and he pointed out that facebook's already done the first half of that for us!  All we have to do is get the members to do the last part with the list they already have!
Also here's a nice picture of my Dritt
(Namely: Elder Tischner, Elder Cloward, and Elder Perry (Cloward))
The cookies were actually mostly intact, it was quite impressive.  Also incredibly delicious. I did indeed find the envelope, and the CDs that Jacob sent me.  They're very pretty to look at, though that is the only thing I can do with them, because I have nothing to play them with...

You're all wonderful!!!  Keep being awesome!!!

Even more Loves!
Elder Isaac Cloward

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