Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MTC Week 3

Hey Momma!

My weeks been pretty great, turns out we pretty much get an apostle every single week because yesterday we got to listen to Elder Nelson!  Awesome.  The choir (which I once again sang in) sang Hope of Israel for it, and it was super fantastic.

My Memorial Day was pretty boring, and the only reason I even remembered that it was Memorial Day is because I didn't have to get the mail on Monday.  Oh, speaking of mail I actually got called to be the District Leader on Sunday, so now I actually open the mailbox instead of just standing there watching Elder Tischner open the mailbox, but that's pretty much it.

Let's see...  Had I met Jens the last time I wrote?  I don't think so, he's pretty cool, seems pretty open to the gospel.  Good stuff.  Bru. Davis was gone for a few days this week so instead of teaching Reiner yesterday we had to go "tracting" where we met a man named Nathan.  It was a party, and I think it went pretty well, especially considering we'd never done anything like that before.

More Loves!
Elder Cloward

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