Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MTC Week Two

The MTC has been about as swell as the MTC can be, I do believe.  We finished teaching Angelo last Thursday, and he mostly accepted our challenge.  Hopefully the peole that got transferred there got him to fully commit ;).  We are now teaching a man named R.  I wonder if Jacob knows him?  You see, Bro. Davis, who is our teacher, is playing him, but it's a person he actually taught while he was on his mission.  We're also teaching another investigator, but were not actually going to meet him until tomorrow.  R's pretty exciting though, because he's a drunk, and Bro. Davis does an excellent job of acting.

So, on Sunday we had another devotional, but this time we just watched the film of a devotional from two years ago that Elder Bednar gave.  After it got over, and it was amazing by the way, I was sitting there waiting for the Closing Hymn to start when suddenly everyone in front of me stands up, and what do you know?  Elder Bednar walks in and has a one and a half hour or so Q&A with us.  It was AMAZING!

Speaking of the MTC choir, I think dad will appreciate this small story.  So that same day we practiced for the choir and guess who sat in front of me.  Elder Mika.  Needless to say, I could not see the conductor the entire time.

Well, it sounds like youre having a nice, though perhaps dull life, so that's good.

Elder Cloward

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